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Birth Defect Attorneys

Birth defects - Massachusetts Workers in computer cleanrooms and semiconductor chip employees can have infants with serious birth defects caused by exposure to toxic chemicals. Hamill Law Offices is committed to the protection of all obstetrical patients and birth injury victims.

A mothers exposure to toxic chemicals can cause Birth defects such as:
kidney problems
cerebral palsy
skeleton deformities
heart abnormalities
missing limbs or organs
spina bifida

We Will Review your Birth Defect case for free - If we accept your case inquiry, we will give you our opinion within a short time period. Our office has handled include Birth injuries caused by the negligent treatment of a young infant resulting in permanent Brain Injury. One of our clients settled a birth injury claim for $7,000,000. A Birth Injury injury caused by a doctors negligence does create a claim for Medical Malpractice. You pay no fee or costs until we win your case for you.

Please note that there are strict Time Limits for bringing a Medical Malpractice case in Massachusetts. If you or a loved one has suffered a Birth defect injury, please contact us right away for a free case evaluation.

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