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Brain Injury caused by traumatic events or TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) can happen many ways. Our office handles cases where a negligent act has caused brain injury. Brain injury can be obvious and easily detectable or it can occur as a closed head injury for example when a person strikes their head and eventually experiences symptoms consistent with a closed head injury. Symptoms can be physical such as the loss of use of a body function or speech; mental such as difficulty in problem solving or reading; or they may be emotional such as mood or personality changes. Severe brain injuries can affect all three areas.

Not all brain injuries involve a loss of consciousness. Some symptoms are gradual in developing. A brain injury can be permanent or temporary. Mild traumatic brain injuries have been found even when the head suffers no direct hit, such as in a severe whiplash case.

Brain injuries can occur as a result of personal injury accidents such as car accidents, motorcycle crashes or fall downs. Falls in nursing homes may be the result of Nursing Home Neglect.

Medical Malpractice may be the cause: They can occur during a botched surgical proceedure or a birth injury, for example if a baby is deprived of oxygen during birth delivery.

One client suffered TBI when hit by a bus. A jury awarded over $600,000. (See our Verdicts and Settlements in personal injury cases)

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