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Lifecare Wrongful Death

Lifecare owns and operates a chain of of Nursing Homes in Massachusetts.

Our Law firm is currently handling a claim against Lifecare on behalf of a daughter "Katie" whose mother suffered and died as the direct result of Lifecare's Negligence. Her mother was left unattended and fell from her wheelchair suffering excruciating and life ending injuries. Her mother was 100% incapacitated prior to the injury and required close supervision.

We've handled numerous Nursing Home Claims against a number of Facilities in Massachusetts for wrongful death and serious injuries.

An action was filed on behalf of "Katie" against Lifecar for her negligent Death. Her case was heard in June, 2011. Read about the Judges Decison against Lifecare for Wrongful Death

UNSAFE ENVIRONMENT: Risks and unnecessary danger to dependant residents

Lifecare is required to ensure the safety of all its residents upon admission. Alzheimers patients and the disabled are particularly vulnerable to falls and injuries if safety regulations are not closely followed.

Federal Regulations clearly impose the burden on Lifecare to prevent dangerous and risky surroundings to helpless residents:

§483.25(h) Accidents: 42 CFR 483.25(II) (1) AND (2) ACCIDENTS AND SUPERVISION

The facility must ensure that -
(1) The resident environment remains as free from accident hazards as is possible; and

(2) Each resident receives adequate supervision and assistance devices to prevent accidents.

The intent of this requirement is to ensure the facility provides an environment that is free from accident hazards over which the facility has control and provides supervision and assistive devices to each resident to prevent avoidable accidents. This includes:
- Identifying hazard(s) and risk(s);
- Evaluating and analyzing hazard(s) and risk(s);
- Implementing interventions to reduce hazard(s) and risk(s); and
- Monitoring for effectiveness and modifying interventions when necessary.


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