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Legal malpractice claims are on the rise. One of the first cases our office handled over two decades ago involved a lawsuit against an attorney for legal malpractice. We won it. We continue to handle these difficult cases. Victims of Legal Malpractice are double victims: first their underlying case has been lost or damaged and secondly, they have been harmed by their lawyer. Our legal malpractice cases are done with a Fee Schedule with a written contract to protect you. The Law Offices of Bernard J. Hamill have been practicing Law for twenty-eight years with a emphasis on all areas of Personal Injury Law.

Attorney Malpractice and Lawyer Negligence in Massachusetts

When a Lawyer you place your trust in betrays you by mishandling your case, you may have a remedy in Court. A common example of this is the failure to file your case within the proper legal time limits or statute of limitations. Conflict of interest cases can be actionable as can the unfortunate cases of misappropriation of clients funds. If you have been victimized by a Lawyer's negligence and you have suffered substantial monetary losses, contact us for a free consultation.

Personal Injury - Did your attorney force you to settle at the last minute to avoid trial? Did the attorney prepare the case for trial rather than just settlement? Were you forced to take less than a fair settlement? Did your attorney refer you to a specialist if he was not qualified to handle your case? Did the attorney mis-state his or her qualifications or experience? Had your attorney ever handled a similar case before? What were the promises your attorney made to you when he/she signed you up to a fee agreement? What was your attorneys track record? Had your attorney ever gone to trial? Did your attorney miss deadlines for discovery? Did your attorney prosecute your case thoroughly and diligently?

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