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Client receives Jury Verdict July 2014: $14,000,000

$2.5 Million for Rape Sexual Assault - $2,477,000.00 (Jury Verdict 12-17-13)

$1.2 Million for verbal abuse and assault

Our office represents victims of Nursing Home Rape. I just tried a Jury case to Verdict in Middelsex County and my client was awarded $2.5 Million for being Raped or Sexually assaulted. It is the highest Nursing Home Verdict ever awarded in a Massachusetts Nursing Home Case.

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Our office represents victims of Nursing home Abuse, like the 86 yr old gentleman who was assaulted by Bernadette Stackpole an abusive CNA at the Franklin Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Franklin is owned/operated by Kindred Healthcare. Hamill law offices represented three families of elder victims at Franklin in litigation. Two of the cases went to verdict and resulted in awards to the families of $300,000 and $450,000 respectively for verbal and physical abuse. A third went to Trial in Norfolk Superior Court and resulted in a $425,000 payment by Kindred. CNA Stackpole was convicted of Criminal Abuse of Elders in Norfolk Superior Court. The total payout by Kindred for verbal and physical abuse for our three client/victims was almost $1.2 Million.*

Understaffing, corporate greed and diverting moneys paid to them for patient care often causes abuse and negelct. Record fraud often accompanies neglect. Elder neglect and abuse is rarely isolated: it is ususally Systemic. If a medical facility is lax or doesn't supervise, pay and train adequate numbers of competent nurse aides and support them, abuse tends to become widespread and systemic. When systemic abuse occurs it is accomplished through an atmosphere of fear of reporting neglect. When neglect occurs and is not reported, it is always because of a culture of fear of reporting on the part of the nurse aides. These types of substandard facilities actually punish those who truthfully report abuse.

Elder Abuse: Has a family member been injured or mistreated while in a nursing Home?

If so we can help you. We have the knowledge, the resources, the tenacity and the experience to help you and give you answers. We have a proven track record of results from litigating tough cases and getting exceptional results. Nursing Home expert Bernard J. Hamill is the attorney you want on your side. He is the Trial Attorney who the newspapers call for information on Nursing Home litigation matters: Herald Article - "How to Select a Nursing Home".

1 in 10 Nursing Home Residents have Bedsores: Read Report

Failure by nurse aids and CNA's to routinely move and change a patients position can result in STAGE FOUR bedsores causing pain and even wrongful death. If you know an abused or neglected elder who has been injured in a nursing home or assisted living facility you should seek the immediate help of an experienced nursing home abuse attorney. Negligence and abuse in nursing care facilities has become too common. Nursing homes commit violations of law on a daily basis, and many elders are the victims of this abuse and neglect. Let us be your advocates for the safety of those who need our protection the most. We advocate and litigate for these most helpless victims. Please visit our Elder resource page.

We are now reviewing cases where:

- A nursing home resident developed bed sores, that resulted in sepsis, or septic shock (blood poisining)
- A nursing home death was caused by diagnosed sepsis.
- An elder victim has suffered broken bones.
- A nursing home resident was abused sexually or physically assaulted.
- Dignity and Emotional Distress Claims


Federal and Massachusetts laws such as §483.25 Quality of Care (Ftag 309) governing nursing homes give you rights to seek monetary damages. Nursing home abuse is medical malpractice. Mistreatment of helpless dependant elders is unacceptible and we have devoted a substantial portion of our practice to eradicating mistreatment of nursing home residents. We are members of the exclusive "Nursing Home Litigation" section of the AAJ (the Amercian Association for Justice). We attend the latest seminars and actively litigate Nursing Home cases using 'cutting edge' techniques. No expense is spared to prosecute these cases to bring wrongdoers to jusitce. Federal Appeals Courts have held since 2009 that violating Residents rights in a Nursing Home is a Federal Civil Rights action warranting the award of money Damages!

You May be Entitled to Money Damages

In Massachusetts, as in most States, monetary damages are recoverable for injuries and/or emotional distress sustained in Nursing Homes caused by inadequate care. Compensation is awarded for Pain and Suffereing, Mental anguish, emotional distress, loss of consortium, companionship and support, medical bills and Damages for the loss of dignity. Damages are also awarded when there is a Wrongful death which is a death caused by the nursing homes negligent care.

Have they suffered from bed sores or decubitus ulcers?

Nursing Home Abuse may include:

- Rape, sexual assault, sexual assaults
(Anatomy of Nursing Home Rape)
- Assault or battery by Employees (see abuse case story)
- Assault or battery by other Patients
- Assaults by staff or strangers
- Unnecessary physical restraint
- chemical restraints
- Sepsis, Septic Shock
- Insufficient food or water
- Improper, excessive medication
- excessive force or threats, "rough care"
- ridicule, verbal abuse

- Patient Doping - excessive psychotropic medicines
- Emotional Distress Claims - Anatomy of
- rough treatment (SEE OUR RECENT VERDICTS)
- Record Fraud
- Dignity Claims

Have they violated the Standard of Care ????

Nursing Home Neglect includes:

- Accidents
"Never Events"
Serious Reportable Events
Falls from Windows
- Failure to provide proper personal hygiene; unclean,
- Dignity claim: unchanged sitting in feces
- Maggots
- Failure to provide sufficient medical attention
- Understaffing
- Inadequate security measures
- Falls
- Hoyer Lift Falls
- elopement
, wandering
- Insufficient food or water
- Failure to protect from safety hazards
- Failure to prevent bed sores
- Stage four bed sores
- Pressure sores
- decubitus ulcers
- wrongful death
- Hip fractures
- Allowing a resident to slip or fall
- C-Diff and infections
- Bed Rail Entrapment
- Broken Bones
- dehydration
- Malnutrition, starvation, significant weight loss
- Use of Restraints for Discipline or Convenience
- patient upon patient assaults and abuse
- Dignity Claims

We have investigated or handled potential claims against the following Nursing Homes:

Kindred Healthcare

Kindred Hospital

Epoch Health



Manor Care

Eagle Pond - Kindred

Sunbridge Meadow View

Sweet Book of Williamstown Rehab (CareOne LLC)

CareOne LLC

Bolton Manor - Kindred

Marlborough - Kindred

The Atrium

Northwood Radius

Marina Bay

Quincy Rehab & Nursing Home

Call us if your loved one has been hurt at one of these facilities

National Nursing Home Chains we have Won recent Claims or Suits against include: Epoch, Kindred Healthcare, Lifecare.

News update: Beware of Nursing Home mandatory arbitration agreements that limit your rights to recovery for injuries in Nursing Homes. Click here: Arbitration Nursing Homes.

You have rights in a nursing home. If you have been harmed by their care you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Verdicts for Elders suffering Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect show a dramatic rise in the Plaintiffs success rate as well as a large increase in the dollar award amount of the average Nursing Home Verdict.

Our office handles Nursing Home abuse and bedsore cases against some of the largest Nursing Home chains in America including Epoch and Kindred Healthcare. If you feel that you or your loved one has been injured as a result of nursing home abuse please call 1-617-479-4300 or use our free case evaluation form below:

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