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Nursing Home Abuse

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Plaintiffs Verdicts Rising Trends

Early to mid nineties: Plaintiffs won 79% of the reported cases.

Late nineties: Verdicts and amounts increase, for example:
- Falls/Fractures Average over $300,000
- Assaults Average almost- $400,000
- Medication Errors Almost Average $500,000

More Recent (2001-2003) Reported Nursing Home Settlements & Verdicts show dramatic increases in the average amount of each verdict as well as an increase in the % of Plaintiffs prevailing in these cases:

Fractures Average -$700,000
Head Injury from a fall - Average -$600,000
Pressure Sores - Average over -$1,250,000
Choking - Average over-$250,000
Infections - Average almost-$1,500,000
Wandering - Average -$400,000+
Assault - Average over -$2,000,000
Sexual assault - Average over -$1,100,000
Medication Errors - Average Almost -$300,000
malnutrition/ dehydration - Average over -$1,300,000
Burns - Average -$1,200,000
neglect/abuse - Average just over -$1,000,000
Treatment error -$375,000
Other -$625,000

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