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Loss of Testicle nets One Million Dollar recovery

Steven G. was a married 43 year old cafeteria worker who fell when walking into the kitchen freezer to get supplies. Our office brought actions against the building owner and landlord for faulty maintenance. The walk in freezer had a light bulb out. When Steve walked in, he fell on some ice residue on the floor. He did a split and also injured his tailbone. Several weeks later he developed testicular pain whaich the doctors later related to his fall at work. Subsequently he had to have one testicle surgically removed (orchiectomy). He recovered fully in every other respect.

We were able to get Steve a lump sum cash settlement for $1,050,000 (against the building owner and the workers comp insurer) and we were able to satisfy his comp lien of over $200,000 for only $25,000!!!! Call us if you need experienced trial lawyers. We are affiliated with the best law firms nationwide and can appear in all states pro hac vice. Take advantage of our 29 years of personal injury experience. We are members of the Association of Trial Attorneys of America.

Contingency Fee Contract - All of our Medical cases are taken on a Contingent fee basis. That means you pay no fee or costs unless/untill we win your case for you.

Our clients have successfully collected tens of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for injuries caused by medical negligence. If you have been injured by a Doctors Negligence, please contact us for a free case evaluation. One of our clients settled a birth injury claim for $7,000,000.

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